About Freixa Home Design

Our Mission

We enhance spaces to accommmodate our client’s lifestyle ensuring a sense of comfort, flair and functionality. 

Who We Are

Freixa is a family-owned design, remodeling and space enhancement company established in McAllen, Texas in 2022.

We are passionate about design, service oriented and we take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry.

We provide practical solutions with the outmost care and quality.

We treat our staff and contractors as family, and we care to transmit the company’s values and commitment to service and quality.

Our industry knowledge in real estate construction, remodeling and design has provided us with an experienced team to deliver the best possible quality and efficient customer service to match our client’s needs and style.

The Freixa Difference

Creating Spaces You Want to Live In

Our years of experience in real estate & construction has helped us understand how we can provide a higher quality of service to our clients. By creating a client-centered approach, we are able to meet the needs of our clients and accommodate to their wants, needs, and lifestyle.  

This idea grew stronger during the pandemic, when while in lockdown, we all realized that our home and certain rooms in our house became safe havens for inspiration, work, leisure, relaxation or decompression; but not all the rooms were as nice or functional as we would have liked, simply because, before the pandemic, we thought it wasn’t necessary to enhance them if they served its purpose. But now we’ve come to see just how important it is to have functional and beautiful spaces that boost our mood, our state of mind, our focus and our wellness.

I wanted to help people design and create spaces that feel good, vibrant and uplifting. Rooms and homes that they can feel proud to live in and that work with them to fulfill their needs and their lifestyles.

I want our clients to feel that they can be honest and open about their needs and their ideas for their homes and spaces, so they get involved and appreciate the transformations and enhancement that we provide. 

It is our promise to our clients that we will be there every step of the way. 

Our commitment to quality and timelines is something we take seriously, and therefore we always try our best to keep to the scheduled work.

Finally, but not least, our employees and contractors are the pillar of this company. We go to great lengths to transmit this mission and values to them so they work with purpose and in alignment with the client’s needs.

Alex Carbajal

CEO & Lead Designer