About the project

Executive Office Renovation
McAllen, TX

We enjoy working with our clients to enhance their living and working spaces. By renovating our client’s office, we achieved our client’s goal of a refreshed office space. We transformed a cream-colored and monotonous office into a vibrant and functional workspace. We incorporated a variety of colors, textures, and furniture to create an inspiring and comfortable environment for our client.

The office had a black foam wall to serve as sound isolation, but lacked any real contrast. To address this issue, we added pops of color with camel-colored chairs, a blue accent chair with a small ottoman, and a bright yellow pillow. We also added a contrasting bold blue tone wall with geometrical texture to enhance the overall space.

To create a sense of comfort and warmth, we strategically placed lamps and a large plant in different corners of the room. The result was a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for long hours of work.

Instead of traditional wooden furniture, we opted for two contrasting large filing cabinets and a narrow tall bookshelf. This not only completed the look but also added enough storage space and functionality to the office.

The final result was a functional, well-equipped, and heartwarming office that our client can spend hours working in. We are thrilled to have been able to bring our client’s vision to life and create a space that they are excited to work in every day.

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Completed Project:

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